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Yvonne Perez Emerson Founder/Creative Director, Writer @yvonnepemerson

Yvonne Perez Emerson
Founder/Creative Director, Writer

Yvonne Perez Emerson is a spirited explorer. In 2011 she founded WeMake as a passion project and platform to make, learn, and collaborate. Her multi-disciplinary graphic design studio, The Study, is focused on the art of storytelling—both in digital and analogue form. She is also the owner of Tillamook Station, a place to gather and create.

Yvonne enjoys creating community but she also loves adventure. She is an avid motorcyclist, loves hiking, and enjoys a good cup of tea. She lives in NE Portland with her husband Nathan, dog Hank, cat Jack, and bunny Bruno.

Alise Munson President @alisem

Alise Munson

Alise Munson fell into the world of animation and brand advocacy through a rabbit hole. In 2005, she was hired to implement the the digital re-branding of Vinton Studios to LAIKA Animation Studio. She continued to guide the LAIKA/house brand into traditional and emerging platforms until July 2014. Now Alise is the Brand Strategist for HouseSpecial, the new independent commercial animation spin-off of LAIKA, handling all public-facing and agency-targeted content for social media, PR and promotions.

In her home state of Colorado, Alise also started her career as a journalist with design skills and pushes her passion for creative, accurate storytelling, a refined understanding of how to ignite and thrive in collaborative teams, and the ability to create effective, beautiful visual communications.

Cinnamon Williams, C.P.A. Treasurer @cinnwilliams

Cinnamon Williams, C.P.A.

Cinnamon Williams has traveled a long, winding path to find herself in Portland as a CPA.  Starting out in the deep north of Alaska, she wanted to explore and find something a little different than the small cabin she grew up in.  Her ambition lead her south to a host of different organizations (including LAIKA) and a vast depth of experience - all in the name of accounting. One of Cinnamon's passions, besides skiing, dogs and football, is working with artists, not-for-profits, community based organizations and internet start-ups as they set their financial course.  Now, as a Finance Manager at Oregon Metro, she supports the many people who work to keep greens spaces alive, expand conservation and create a wonderful living environment in the Metro region.  After you meet her, you won't forget her bright smile, warm heart and some crazy story she tells you about living in Alaska. 

Rowan Bradley Photographer @rowbradley

Rowan Bradley

Rowan Bradley is a Portland-based photographer and digital marketer. His interest in storytelling and creating online presences for organizations led him to work for Scout Books, where he currently manages social media and digital marketing. He joined WeMake to contribute to and connect with the fantastic creative community here in Portland. He is a podcast enthusiast, friend to all dogs, and enjoys traveling and finding great new eats around town.

Morgan Braaten Events @mbraat

Morgan Braaten

Morgan Braaten is a designer and illustrator focusing on print, digital media and product. She loves adventures and naps in equal measure, and can usually be found with a book (or two) in hand. Morgan joined WeMake because it embodies some of the fundamental traits that make Portland such a special city, including creativity, community and genuine curiosity. Oh yeah, and coffee. So much coffee. Morgan currently lives in North Portland with her Australian Shepherd, Roo.