Fueled by the passion for learning, sharing, and creating.
This is the foundation of WeMake.

We are a local, non-profit 501(c)(3)  that helps to foster art and design in Portland, Oregon's creative community through hands-on experiences, creative dialogue, and design-in-action initiatives. All of our events are focused on the process of making and the spirit of community.


Nikki McClure with Mary Kate McDevit

Nikki McClure with Mary Kate McDevit


sketchXchange is a night of inspiration and drawing. It’s a chance to peek into the sketchbooks of some of our favorite illustrators and learn about their process. Meet our latest guest.

Hand Lettering with BT Livermore

Hand Lettering with BT Livermore


We coordinate discovery workshops within Portland’s craftsmen community. If you're interested in collaborating with us, or have an idea for a workshop, drop us a line.

WeMake Celebrates

WeMake Celebrates

design in action

We like to give back. In the last three years, with the help of the Portland community we have donated more than $60,000 to arts and music education.

sXc with Courtney Roth moderated by Kai Söderström

DATE: Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Courtney Roth has always tread the line between creativity and logic, the right and the left brain, and has seen no reason to indulge just one of those seemingly opposite paths in life. While imagining and creating have always been an integral part of her life, so too was the desire to understand.

About the moderator. Kai Söderström is a local Portland tattoo artist and visual artist of many mediums. Her true loves are clean lines, vibrant, unique colours, and bold black ink. Kai is also an advocate for accessible arts programming for kids of all ages and deeply believes the power of art can change and save lives.  


For 2018, each of our sXc artists will be creating a limited edition 9x9 silk screened print, screened by Seizure Palace. All attendees will receive the print as part of their entry. Proceeds go towards arts education.


FEATURING 26 international, national and local letterers in a curated show, presented by WeMake for the 2018 Portland Design Week. 


RECAP: sketchXchange with Nick Stokes

We were stoked to have illustrator and art director Nick Stokes for our second sketchXchange of 2018. His talk was moderated by friend, coworker and poet extraordinaire, Becca Wadlinger. It was colorful, and a little sexy.

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