VIDEO—Mike Whitehead of Finex Cast Iron Cookware Co.

I used to live right next to the warehouse in NW Portland where Finex Cast Iron skillets are made. Unless I was taking "edgy" photos against abandoned railroad tracks, or picking up my towed car from the storage lot, it's not often that I would venture into the industrial area. Meeting Mike Whitehead proved my ignorance of the true creatives that inhabit all of those unmarked concrete structures. As a local Kickstarter success and founder of Finex, Mike has garnered a reputation as an entrepreneur and hero of contemporary cast iron cookware. Given his commercial success, I was curious to find out Mike's personal journey as a creative and what inspired him to take on such a bold industrial endeavor.


RECAP—sXc with Keegan Wenkman

It’s not easy being a print maker, but the results of hard work pays off when you’ve created something on an old press. Wenkman goes beyond setting type or using polymer plates. Some of his most impressive work is with his hand carved reduction linoleum cuts, a method he uses to create that will WOW you. This is just one of the processes he shared with us at his sketchXchange back in June. It was a pleasure to have Keegan in, the work was amazing and he’s a true craftsman.

See more photos here.

RECAP—sXc with Jessica Hische

Back in May we had a special sketchXchange with the talented Jessica Hische who inspired and delighted the audience with a wonderful presentation and how-to.

Jessica shared her work on type design, hand-lettering and illustration—created both for clients and personal projects. We got a glimpse of her body of professional work and she took the audience through her process of hand-lettering and type design. It was a treat for sure.

See more photo here!

Recap—sXc with Illustrator and Poster Designer Dan Stiles

On a rainy spring evening, it was a packed house at Tillamook Station to hear the talented Dan Stiles talking about his illustrative process, designing for print, and the poster design culture. Dan brought posters, fabric, and book designs showcasing the variety of clientele he works with and how he applies his distinct style to an array of concepts.

It truly was a treat interviewing Dan and learning about his career!mTake a look at the recap video and check out more photos on our Flickr page.

Many thanks to Ethan Allen Smith for photographing the event, Robert Woodward and Spencer Groshong for the recap video, and music by Podington Bear!