sam larson

Into the Wild with Sam Larson


Sam Larson is a Portland based illustrator and designer who's unique style captures a glimpse into America's past. His ink illustrations are filled with details that embrace complex and meticulous attention. Sometimes the artwork is no bigger than a penny, with elaborate scenes intertwined within scenes—telling stories of wanderers and native American animals. His work also focuses on lettering whether with a brush or a pen. In either case it garners attention worldwide, and sometimes it even get's ripped off. 

Having Sam in to share his process was awesome, but inviting his friend Nathan Yoder in to moderate the talk was priceless. Nathan and Sam once shared a home and a workspace, so it was natural that their talk unfolded like friends having a conversation. We were lucky to witness and get an up-close look into the process Sam uses to create. He is a super down to earth guy and Portland is lucky to have him.