Student Spotlight — Sage McElroy

Happy February, lovers of the arts, beauty and life. We are excited to share our latest student profile with you!


Sage McElroy is a junior from PSU, with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2017. Her work is strong and memorable. Striking pieces like her beautiful 3D alphabet explorations with matches, or trail reports and photographs that make up the Great Wild Open project, and illustrations for the National Parks postcards—they all have an elegance and playfulness about them.


We caught up with Sage and were able to connect a bit more on her passion for web design, her future plans, hopes and what makes her happy in life. Enjoy!

What about design excites and challenges you? Taking on projects that are out of my comfort zone is both exciting and challenging—I think it is important to always keep growing and evolving as a designer. I find web and interactive design to also be particularly exciting. There is something extremely satisfying in the creative process of projects that live on the web. Seeing an idea transform from a concept, to code, to something that people from all over the world can experience and interact with, is really amazing!

Post school — what would you like to be doing / projects you would like to take on / a difference you'd like to make? Working with a solid team of people or collaborating with others is something that I would like to do more of after I graduate. Right now I am working on two projects for different non-profits, and it would be great to continue along that path in some form. I would also love to work on projects focusing on interactive design, branding, and environmental design. Creating a unique user experience is something I want to dive deeper into, in both a digital setting and in various physical environments.

Apart from your design world, what other things make you happy, what else do you enjoy doing? I love music, photography, good company, and traveling! Experiencing different cultures and visiting new places is a great inspiration and keeps life feeling fresh. I guess I find comfort in being reminded of how small each of us are in grand scheme of things, too. I also have a great appreciation for the outdoors and try to get outside as much as I can.


To see more of Sage's design work and photography, visit her site

Best wishes on a new year, Sage! Continue exploring and enjoying the process. 


All images courtesy of © Sage McElroy 2015

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, storyteller

I’m fascinated by traces of history embedded in the objects we use, collect and leave behind. My practice is rooted in memory, heritage, and material culture.

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt is a designer and storyteller based in Chicago. She runs Winterbureau, where she creates story-driven work for clients in the arts, publishing, and the wine industry. Her personal work often focuses on her multi-cultural background, documentation, and collage. One of theses projects is the Neche Collection, a series that retells the story of her grandfather’s life (Neche Eugenio Hadad) across an archive of his possessions. This story is shaped both by his heritage as a Cuban exile of Lebanese descent and his painstaking work as an accountant. The Neche Collection includes 149 objects, and 29 screen prints. It has inspired many people to re-examine and find inspiration in the objects from their family’s pasts, as well as their own.


Veronica's work has been exhibited internationally and is held in permanent collections at: NEWBERRY LIBRARY, History of Prints Collection, Chicago, IL; JOAN FLASCH ARTIST'S BOOK COLLECTION, Chicago, IL; and MUSEUM OF DESIGN, ZÜRICH, Poster Collection, Zϋrich, Switzerland.

We are really looking forward to hearing Veronica's thoughts on design thinking and to have her as a keynote speaker during WeMake Celebrates on Friday, October 2, 2015. You can grab tickets here.

Put A Bid In It—Feature Makers, Woven Narratives

Fabric Lenny & Jonathan Grauel are the trans-Atlantic team of Woven Narratives. Fabric Lenny (aka Paul Slater) is based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire, UK and Jonathan Grauel in Charlotte, North Carolina. When they first applied, we didn’t realize that they weren’t in the same studio, yet alone country! Their art is awesome and what makes it even more impressive is the way they work.

Using mostly the iPad as their chosen medium, an artistic narrative unfolds between the passing of each brush creating somewhat “folky” compositions layered with bright colors, patterns and curious details. Love it! 

Some of their recent work has developed into three dimensions as small ‘soft sculptures’ with the latest series painted on heavy weight paper with acrylics and Poscas. Each piece has travelled an average of 40,000 miles during its creation, bouncing back and forth via email or through the international postal system. Cool.

How did you hear about our project and what about it inspired you to participate?

Jonathan’s wife caught wind of the project on twitter and emailed suggesting the two of us check it out. Arts education is important  to us, and the project also offered us an interesting opportunity to push our work in a different direction.

Your work seems so fluid, and it’s very impressive that you have found a way to use pixels to create something that appears to be painted in the traditional form. Is there a certain app or brush that you prefer in this medium?

We work mainly using the Brushes App on the iPad, sometimes tweaking in a variety of other apps.  Until the latest version of Brushes (which is still in Beta) we were compositing the final works in Photoshop before going to print.

You met in New York back in 2010, how often do you actually get together personally to create outside the digital world?

We have met in person four times since our initial meeting, including a second New York trip, a fruitful meet up in San Francisco, at a  fantastic iPad exhibition in Hamburg Germany and most recently in the UK for the 154 Collective exhibition this summer.

Rabbots by Fabric Lenny

Where is Oasis, by Jonathan Grauel

We are delighted to have Woven Narrative participate in our project and look forward to seeing their birdhouse ( A sneak peek is below) ! Check out this video of how they work using the iPad and the Nomad Brush!