Woven Narratives

Put A Bid In It—Feature Makers, Woven Narratives

Fabric Lenny & Jonathan Grauel are the trans-Atlantic team of Woven Narratives. Fabric Lenny (aka Paul Slater) is based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire, UK and Jonathan Grauel in Charlotte, North Carolina. When they first applied, we didn’t realize that they weren’t in the same studio, yet alone country! Their art is awesome and what makes it even more impressive is the way they work.

Using mostly the iPad as their chosen medium, an artistic narrative unfolds between the passing of each brush creating somewhat “folky” compositions layered with bright colors, patterns and curious details. Love it! 

Some of their recent work has developed into three dimensions as small ‘soft sculptures’ with the latest series painted on heavy weight paper with acrylics and Poscas. Each piece has travelled an average of 40,000 miles during its creation, bouncing back and forth via email or through the international postal system. Cool.

How did you hear about our project and what about it inspired you to participate?

Jonathan’s wife caught wind of the project on twitter and emailed suggesting the two of us check it out. Arts education is important  to us, and the project also offered us an interesting opportunity to push our work in a different direction.

Your work seems so fluid, and it’s very impressive that you have found a way to use pixels to create something that appears to be painted in the traditional form. Is there a certain app or brush that you prefer in this medium?

We work mainly using the Brushes App on the iPad, sometimes tweaking in a variety of other apps.  Until the latest version of Brushes (which is still in Beta) we were compositing the final works in Photoshop before going to print.

You met in New York back in 2010, how often do you actually get together personally to create outside the digital world?

We have met in person four times since our initial meeting, including a second New York trip, a fruitful meet up in San Francisco, at a  fantastic iPad exhibition in Hamburg Germany and most recently in the UK for the 154 Collective exhibition this summer.

Rabbots by Fabric Lenny

Where is Oasis, by Jonathan Grauel

We are delighted to have Woven Narrative participate in our project and look forward to seeing their birdhouse ( A sneak peek is below) ! Check out this video of how they work using the iPad and the Nomad Brush!