Spring 2015

RECAP: A Workshop with Kiriko

Our latest WeMake workshop takes us to Kiriko, a Portland-based company that repurposes vintage Japanese materials to create elegant, one-of-a-kind products.  The experience of walking into the studio is wonderfully surprising.  The small, tucked-away entrance shielded with a boro fabric curtain takes you to a narrow set of stairs, leading you into a basement.  As you turn the corner, you feel as though you've stepped back into time, and the basement space becomes an open and inviting room filled to the brim with beautiful fabrics, bright colors and hand-made apparel and accessories.  

Kiriko studio
kiriko belts
kiriko spoons

Kiriko Co-founder, Dawn Yanagihara, led us through a boro-patching workshop, using delicate scraps of centuries-old Japanese fabric and traditional Japanese sewing methods.  

Attendees sewed their favorite boro patches onto their personal gear. Some brought jackets, others brought pants, bags and shirts to customize with the ancient material. 

kiriko patches
Kiriko Workshop-7556.jpg

The vibe of the workshop was beautifully peaceful, just like Kiriko.  

Kiriko made in pdx

For more images from the workshop, check out the WeMake Flickr page.  Be sure to visit Kiriko online to learn more, and to purchase your very own Kiriko apparel and accessories.

Photography: Susie Lee Morris