Put A Bird In It—Featured Maker, Nemo Design

If you’re a bird (or human) with a sense of adventure, get ready to hit the road and go exploring with our latest Put a Bird In It birdhouse from Nemo Design.

Nemo is a brand strategy and design firm based here in Portland. They specialize in launching brands, re-focusing faded brands, and connecting brands with youthful audiences. When WeMake approached them to make a birdhouse for our auction, they had the perfect man for the job. 

Senior designer, Eugene Good — who is an artist with some serious skills in the wood shop, was up to the challenge. He gives us a peek into his process creating this incredibly detailed piece of art.

What was your inspiration for the birdhouse? 

With this particular project, I wanted to create something that would relate to Portland. I went with a travel theme tying in with the new trend of roving RV camps scattered around the city. The piece is named and branded after the state bird “Western Meadow Lark” which began in 1927. So with a nod to both the present and past, the birdhouse came together. I hope the lucky bidder takes joy in the transient birds that stop by the Meadow Lark RV. 

Have you created 3D artwork before? What did you find interesting or challenging about creating this birdhouse?

Yes, I’ve worked on a few installations as well as woodworking in general. Some of my previous work involved a lot of intricate carving. Those skills carried over to all the little details from trim styling to tiny windshield wipers. Creating the amount of detail for all 6 sides turned into 60+ hours of birdhouse madness.  

Please give us a little detail about your process and approach to the project. What have you enjoyed about it?

I always start in my sketchbook and gathering reference material. Then reel in the size/dimensions in illustrator, building a loose blueprint; this allows me to see where details need to go. Cutting, carving, gluing, sanding and painting ensues. 

I learn something new every time I break out my tools. So, I’d have to say building on my skill-set is one of the most rewarding sides of this project. 

The Meadow Lark RV is just one of the many amazing birdhouses that will be displayed around town starting in the next few days. Keep an eye on our blog for more photos and information about where you can see them all.

Our Put a Bird In It party will be kicking off during Design Week at Union/Pine on Friday, October 12th at 7:30pm. It is a FREE event and all the birdhouses will be available for purchase during our silent auction to support music and art programs in Portland public schools. See you there!