Margaret Jacobsen

Margaret Jacobsen, Finding passion in the moments.

Margaret Jacobsen is a passionate woman. She's also opinionated, vulnerable, strong, honest, sexy, and nurturing. I find her passion to be a brave infectious quality that is often displayed in her photography, her writing, and the activism work she does. Margaret is one of those people you want to get to know—through her work and her stories.

As a local photographer, Jacobsen's breadth of work crosses a wide spectrum: from portraits, to weddings, to fashion, and social projects—all with a goal of capturing the heart, soul, and spirit of her subject matter. 

I sat down with Marge recently and got to learn a little more about her path here in Portland. In just over three years she's blossomed.

I think my favorite photos are always in black and white, and the really quiet moments. It doesn’t need to be anything spectacular or beautiful in the sense that is styled or decorated a particular way. Beautiful means that there’s a human experience happening, and I like it when I look at an image and feel instantly connected—I see myself in it, or I’ve been in that situation, that moment. I like the raw moments.

When first arriving from the central coast, Jacobsen was a stay-at-home mom and most of her work was focused on wedding and family photography. Her heart wasn't totally into it though, so she opened herself up to creating new experiences.

 I always wanted to do something different with my photography. I wanted to tell stories—not that you can't tell stories with families or weddings, because you can, and those are really beautiful stories.  I wanted to tell more personal stories, really intimate, maybe with one person or two people. 

Since changing direction her work has expanded to the fashion industry and Lookbooks, collaborating with Betsy & Iya, Ellington Handbags, Grayling, and Camillia to name a few. 

Recently she's broaden her capabilities by partnering with, Ifanyi BellIntisar Abioto, and Vin Shambry to create a consulting agency, called Brushfire, which launched last month. I'm really looking forward to seeing the work they'll do and Margaret's continued growth.

Be sure to check out her Instagram. It's packed full of lovely moments both personal and professional, and it's one of my favorite feeds to follow!