Lizy Gershenzon

A Revolution in Type Design—An Interview with Lizy Gershenzon


Written by guest writer Melissa Delzio

Melissa Delzio and PSU Graphic Design students: Morgan Marshall and Kayla Winter interview Lizy Gershenzon of Future Fonts.

Lizy Gershenzon has an ambitious goal: to democratize the way type is designed. The company she co-founded, Future Fonts, was started with the idea that font design should be more accessible, and designers should be able to showcase works in progress, acquire funding and feedback and release their fonts in stages.

As an Instructor at Portland State University, I asked a few students to join me in interviewing Lizy via a video app. We discuss the impetus of Future Fonts, who her favorite type designers are and her advice for aspiring type designers.


Lizy was part of the 5x5 speaker series at the WeMake DISRUPT conference.