Dave Selden

33 Chocolates by Dave Selden

The creativity and generosity of the Portland design community never ceases to amaze me. Our friend Dave Selden, creative director at Pop Art as well as an avid homebrewer and artist, has donated some of his chocolate tasting journals for our Woodblock Chocolate workshop this Thursday. 

Even if you couldn’t snag a ticket to the event, you can still get your own tasting journal from Dave’s site, 33books.com. He offers these pocket-sized journals to easily document your tasting adventures with options for beer, wine, cheese, coffee, whiskey, etc. 

My favorite design feature of his books is the flavor wheel. It allows you to easily track and remember distinct flavor profiles on the go. You can also rate and review each tasting. These journals are definitely going to come in handy for our workshop attendees!

Thank you, Dave!