Andrew Kolb

Put A Bird In It—Featured Maker, Andrew Kolb

The artwork and storytelling of Canadian designer/illustrator Andrew Kolb will surely put a smile on your face, and WeMake is really happy to have him as a participating maker for Put A Bird In It. His unique style is playful, bright and fun with fragments of earlier days. I love the comical twists reflected in so much of what he does.

Like his children’s book adaptation of David Bowies song, Ground Control , it has to be one of my favorites. The happy and sweet illustrations tell the story lovely and even though it’s got a bit of doom in the lyrics, his charming Golden Book style will captivate any young reader…well older ones too. 

Then there’s his interpretation of a scene from the show Arrested Development, however far removed, very funny. He’s not always coming up with alternate scenarios for his creativity to play around with, he also has some pretty impressive client work including folks like, Timbuktu Magazine, The Pixar Times, and the Canadian Family Magazine to name a few.

I asked him a few questions for our interview, check it out–

What appeals to you in regards to this project.

Most of my work is digital and there’s no way of working around the need to go traditional with this sort of project! Well maybe there is but I for sure couldn’t think of one. At least nothing that would actually survive as a functional birdhouse!

Have you created 3D work before?

Why yes! I mean not personally (I’ve never been a strong sculptor), but I have created work that is meant to be viewed in the thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird dimensioooooooooooon. But I will add to this that I really consider product packaging to be working in 3D, so maybe that skews my response a little?

Your work is so happy and full of character with a nostalgic appeal. Was there certain illustrators that have inspired you…or where do you find your inspiration?

Oh hey thanks! One thing I hope to communicate through my work is how much fun I have creating it! As for inspiration, some I wear on my sleeve: Mary Blair, Eyvind Earle, and so many other great talents from days gone by. As for the less…obvious?…I pull from a lot of old fashion magazines (fantastic pattern/textural resources), as well as watch a lot of cartoons. A LOT of cartoons. I’ll usually watch something at least twice. The first time is purely entertainment, but the second viewing is the time that the backgrounds and little details really start to shine. Anyways, it’s always a lot of fun. 

What was your favorite client job? Why?

Favorite client? Hmmmm. I feel like this is a chance to pull some wicked name dropping but I’ll play it classy. I actually have a lot of fun with private commissions. Those are usually the projects that have the wackiest requests and aren’t afraid to push the content/style/what have you.

Again we are delighted to see his birdhouse work progress and look forward to having it in the auction, thank you Andrew!

Here are a few photo’s of what we have to expect from Andrew’s birdhouse!