Always with Honor

Put A Bird In It–Featured Maker, Always With Honor

Elsa and Tyler Lang are the passionate pair and creative spirit of Always with Honor. The simple and iconic style is evident in everything that they create, and their lighthearted personalities are infused within each piece. The work is playful, clever and somewhat wholesome with fresh color pallets and often nature inspired.

You may have seen some of it gracing the pages of many magazines including: GOOD, Wired, Money, Monocle, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Businessweek, and Real Simple to name a few. Other client work includes posters and store graphics for NIKE, maps for MTV, illustrations for Audubon, brand design for the local Boke Bowl and so much more.  

We are SO happy to have them participate in Put A Bird In It!

How did we charm you into working on this project for us? 

We love birds and houses so a birdhouse was a natural progression, right? We’re nature lovers and really enjoy working away from the computer whenever possible so we were excited to be involved.

What’s been your approach so far?

We knew we wanted to do something bright and fun involving a bird itself. We spent a good amount of time looking at our collection of bird books, exploring how best translate a bird’s iconic attributes to the house. We constructed the birdhouse to resemble a Cardinal in it’s simplest form. 

We’re not saying a Cardinal is narcissistic and would want to live in it’s own likeness, but you never know, some other bird might be a fan.

So you moved here from New York? Has Portland influenced your design aesthetics? 

We’ve just hit three years of living in Portland and have definitely been inspired by this great city and community we’re lucky to be a part of. We love being able to take a day trip out to the coast or desert- it’s a great way to reboot and remind ourselves why we do what we do when we’ve spent too much time in the studio.