RECAP—sXc with Pizza Friday

We had a very busy late summer and just in the middle of it was our sketchXchange with two talented dudes, TOM O’TOOLE and THOMAS BRADLEY of PIZZA FRIDAY. The night came on the heals of the ICON8 illustration conference that was in town. It was a hot July day and the sunshine, popsicle’s and pizza were quintessential compliments to the witty and light hearted duo of this talented team.

The Toms, as I like to call them shared their work in multitudes! The covered every inch of the walls we gave them with sketches, drawings, and finished pieces. The orange tape brought back memories for me of our first sketchXchanges, it felt right, like it was part of the show. And when I say show, that’s what I mean. Yes, they shared their process, but they also were themselves, a couple of dudes who work hard and play hard, and who will get you thinking and laughing all night long.