RECAP—March sXc with Blaine Fontana

Energy. Gratitude. Passion. These are the three things that best capture our very sunny, March sketchXchange with the wonderful Blaine Fontana

We had tables and walls filled with work, and a full house at our HQ, Tillamook Station. It was great to hear about his origin story—how he became an artist, a maker, and creator of such excellent and simply fun work. From his early days sketching out stunt sequences, to going to design school in California, to practicing his graffiti skills and starting his own studioin partnership with his wife. His energy and passion to make, make, make, is evident when you hear him speak.

One thing that really stood out to me from his presentation and talking with him, is his gratitude towards every opportunity he has had. This gratitude has allowed him to continue pursuing his passion for creating. We are so thankful for him spending time with us, and sharing his work, process, and life as a maker.

Thanks to Spencer Groshong(the latest addition to our WeMake family) for the video.

And thank YOU all for coming out, we can’t wait to see you this Friday!