RECAP—January sketchXchange with Maryanna Hoggatt

Hello WeMake family, and happy 2014 to you all!

We are so thrilled for what this year has in store for us, and we couldn’t be happier that you’ll be coming along for the ride.

With that excitement, we began our 2014 sketchXchange series earlier this month in the company of the lovely Maryanna Hoggatt. We had a packed room at our new location in Tillamook Station, and we were so happy to have all of you come out to see Maryanna share her work and stories.

A handful of sketchbooks were filled with pages and pages of explorations, process, lettering exercises, and adorable sketches which were passed amongst the crowd. Maryanna covered the walls with a great number of her projects. They included commercial work for Willamette Week, pages from her “Adult Babysitting” comic, artwork for the “Animal Battle” series, and even the original drawing for her WeMake Celebrates poster made an appearance, amongst many other projects!

Undoubtedly, Maryanna is one of the greatest artists around and what’s even more wonderful about her is the love, passion, and curiosity she has when creating and developing each project. I specially love her “Animal Battle” story and characters, and I can’t wait to see how her venture into 3D models evolves! Make sure to check out her blog, and follow Maryanna in what looks to be a fantastic new year ahead! 

Thank you to Robert Woodward for the great video, and to Ethan Allen Smith and

Susie Morris for the photos!

Thank you all for coming! See you next month!