Put A Bird In It – Featured Maker, LAIKA

The team at LAIKA and LAIKA/house joined in the fun for Put a Bird In It and created Halloween-inspired birdhouses that bring all the magic, innovation and creativity we’ve come to love from their studio. These pieces will be available for auction and raffle at our event on Friday!

LAIKA is an animation studio that produces feature and short films. Nominated for an Academy Award® in 2009, Coraline was LAIKA’s first feature film and was the first stop-motion feature to be conceived and photographed in stereoscopic 3D. Their latest film, ParaNorman, was released in August 2012 to critical acclaim.

LAIKA/house, the content division of the company, is world-renowned for its skill in storytelling and character animation in any medium. They produce stunning designs and content that have garnered the attention of advertising agencies such as Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and Wieden+Kennedy and attracted clients such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Target and M&M’S.

We spoke with LAIKA/house brand manager, Alise Munson to learn a little more about the company and the artists working on these houses. “We love making dark, creepy things - Coraline and ParaNorman are evidence. In both divisions we are experts at working in miniatures since stop-motion is all about creating a reality in stylized animate-able worlds that tell a story through details. Bringing this design exercise to the ‘put a bird in it’ zeitgeist was extra fun.”

“Our success as a company is fueled by great design and innovation,” said Munson, “so the opportunity to play among some of the best talent in town was irresistibly enticing. Plus, proceeds from the auction go to a cause LAIKA fully supports - arts and music education.  WeMake put the cherry on the top by allowing us to evoke the spookiness of the best holiday of the year…Halloween.”

We have been blown away by the creative talent and artistry of the Portland community. Take one look at the collection of birdhouses on Flickr and it is obvious there is something special going on here. We’re looking forward to celebrating with all of you at Union/Pine this Friday at 7:30. Let’s wrap up Design Week in style with an auction to support a great cause. Enjoy some drinks, music and the inspiring people that make up our city. See you there!