Put A Bird In It—Featured Maker, Justin "Scrappers" Morrison

Written by Chloe Miller

Earlier this year, Justin "Scrappers" Morrison launched the magazine Stay Wild, a publication centered around the unconstrained adventurous spirit and journeying into nature. We’re excited to have this Creative Director/Art Director/Art Producer/Illustrator/Maker take part in Put A Bird In It, and we appreciated him taking the time to answer our questions.

CM: What inspired you to launch Stay Wild?

JSM: I wanted to work for a magazine that brought travel, action sports, sexy-nature-loving, art, and all the other stuff that totally inspires people to stay wild. I looked everywhere for that magazine, but only found it once we made it.

CM: Describe a typical day.

JSM: Here we go: fart really loud, wife (Amy) pushes me out of bed, announce “I’m Up!”, son (Camper) walks in on me peeing and punches me in the butt, boil water for coffee, stretch, push ups, stretch more, sprinkle brown sugar & honey & maple syrup on healthy boring cereal for Camper, check email titles to see if there is anything that can’t wait till I get to work, Instagram, drink coffee with Amy, talk about dreams (both asleep and awake kinds), Camper jumps on me spilling coffee on my swim trunk peejays, pack lunches for me and Camper, put on pants from yesterday, put on fresh t-shirt with awesome friends art on it, walk Camper to school early to play on the jungle gym, drop him off at kindergarten, try not to cry, hop on bike, go to work, surf an endless wave of emails and try to make fun stuff happen all day long until I wash up exhausted in bed with a belly full of ice cream. That ice cream will make me fart really loud the next morning and start the whole ride over again.

CM: Tell me about your birdhouse.

JSM: My first idea was a giant hand flipping the bird. Get it, “birdhouse”. Then I decided that was too obverse and the world doesn’t need another middle finger. I really like big goofy, yet graceful seagulls, so I wanted to make one of those instead. Somehow I’m turning the bird into a house. Should look pretty stupid/genius since I’m paper mâche-ing it out of back issues of Stay Wild. I don’t have a process. I don’t want a process. Get your laws off my body!

CM: Beverage and music of choice for birdhouse building?

JSM: Pineapple soda pop & old exotica records.

CM: What do you make in your “free” time?

JSM: Driftwood forts, sand castles, Lego space ships, retarded doodles of human animals, bathroom graffiti, camp fires, and Stay Wild magazine.