Little Dwellings: 2013 Put a Bird In It Maker Spotlight

Portland, Oregon never ceases to amaze me. It’s a great place to live, work, and play, and a great place to be a creative. Last year when we asked people to help us celebrate the process of making and the spirit of community they did not let us down. This year is no exception, in fact I think the makers outdid themselves.

So why a birdhouse? To me, it’s the perfect medium to explore. No matter what genre of the creative field you might be in, there’s just something about the sweet structure of a bird dwelling that allows for so many forms of interpretation. The name of this gallery show, Put a Bird In It also allows the makers to be playful and clever—we like that.

I want to personally thank all of the participants this year. They really rocked it and put a lot of time, passion, and thoughtful thinking into creating these awesome works of art. Below is just a sampling of the photos we’ve taken, but for some up-close shots with more details be sure to visit Ethan’s flickr set. You will be amazed!

We hope you will join us this Saturday night as all of these houses will be auctioned off to help support arts & music education.Up close, they will delight and inspire you, and you’ll want to take one home! Be sure to get in early as the auction will close at 9pm.

Thank you again for everyone who has supported our efforts!

Yvonne & The WeMake Team


The Details

- When: Saturday, October 12, 2013. We’re closing down Design Week Portland.

- Where: Sandbox Studio, 420 NE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97232

- Time: 7:30-11:30pm

- Cost: FREE

NOTE: Starting bids will be $40-$50 with $10 bid increments. The value listed is what the makers place on time, material and worth.

- Official event page


2013 Put a Bird In It Makers


Team: Dan Garland & Todd Rolak

Dan Garland is a graphic designer at adidas and enjoys getting his hands dirty doing creative projects of all sorts. Todd Rolak is the head of footwear design for adidas football category.

Birdhouse #1: “You Know It’s Strictly for the Birds” by Dan Garland

For myself as a city dweller, the National Forest sign represents all these great times of getting out and ‘enjoying nature’, but that’s nothing special to a bird. Value: $225

Birdhouse #2: “Confess” by Todd Rolak

Flaming blue and yellow sparkles with gothic influences. Value: $150

Amy Ruppel

Amy Ruppel is an artist & illustrator who is always and forever painting, building things from wood, carving things in wood, smothering things in wax and putting a bird ON it.

Birdhouse: “Bird Yurt” Value: $150


Artslandia magazine is Portland’s Performing Arts Annual. Art lovers now have a single resource to find their art.

Birdhouse: Our birdhouse is contemporary, modern and retro. Just like Portland’s vast performance art scene. Value: $75

Bethany Ng

I’m an Art Director and Illustrator that typically works in digital mediums. I love building, exploring, learning and adventures.

Birdhouse: My house is inspired by one of my favorite things; snowboarding. I drew inspiration from Mt. Hood and old A-Frame mountain cabins. Value: $450


Big-Giant is for the birds. …And every now and then we’re a studio in the business of connecting people with brands through artful moments.

Birdhouse: This is a classy joint for birds of distinction.

Team: Whitney Owen + Heather Noddings Value: $300

Blaine Fontana

It’s really simple, we’re complicated. Fontana Studios are a husband-wife duo and creative obstacle assassins who work in the fine art, design, installation, print making, environment, furniture and consulting genre’s.

Birdhouse: This alber block was from an eighty year(ish) old tree on Blaine’s family property on Bainbridge Island, WA. Using a chainsaw, hand planer, power sanders and acrylic, this commonly titled “Bucky Blossom” harmonizes our love of design, sculpture, painting and wood sculpture. Value: $800

BT Livermore

BT Livermore loves to make things, anything, really. He currently works as an illustrator, sign painter, printmaker, designer, wood worker, and co-owner of Man’s Face Stuff moustache wax.

Birdhouse: Inspired by ancient Egypt, (perhaps after watching too much Ancient Aliens recently), I used hieroglyphics and other iconography to represent this period in history. Value: $150

Cameron Sandage + Ryan Swedenborg

Cameron Sandage is a left-handed, one-hand clapping, Gemini, multi-disciplined creative currently working as a designer for Nike SPARQ. In his free-time he enjoys working on side projects, art shows and pushing himself to try new things, aka building a birdhouse.

Ryan Swedenborg is a graphic artist hailing from the Golden State. A graduate of Portland State’s Graphic design program, Ryan currently works at Mayer/Reed architecture in their small but strong visual communications department.

Birdhouse: Simple complexity is the thought behind our birdhouse. Birdhouses don’t generally come equipped with remote controls, but ours does, allowing this multi-media birdhouse to come alive with color with the touch of a button. Value: $200

Casey Ohngren

Casey Ohngren is a designer + illustrator who works on things like websites, logos, and patterns. She also likes to draw, does screenprinting and get her fingernails dirty whenever she can.

Birdhouse: ”Palace Mosque Cathedral House”. This house is made of a Chinese Palace, Moroccan Mosque, Italian Cathedral, and a San Francisco Victorian for the bird who can’t make up his mind.

Value: $175

Celia Beauchamp + Nikolas Wise—Grange and Company

Celia Beauchamp and Nikolas Wise for Grange and Company - a design-make-build collective rooted in cultural sustainability, holistic design practices, and a critical notation of the world around us.

Birdhouse: ”The Bodega Bay Petrol Station” is inspired by a recent visit to Jean Prouvé’s 1953 Petrol Station in Basel. In revisiting the design for this birdhouse, we reverse-engineered (with chickadees in mind.

Value: $100

CINCO Design

Cinco Design is a branding agency that likes helping frame the first idea, and execute the final expression. They also believe that those two things should inform each other.

Two teams worked on the houses.

The Product Team: Matt Capozzi, Nic Ramirez, Beverly Moon, and Scott Layton.

The Brand Team: Sean Barrett, Ezra Hardman, Nate Garvison, and Sonja Niess

Birdhouse #1: “Ceramic House” Slip cast and glazed with a dip-dyed rope. Value: $350

Birdhouse #2: “Dice” The dice were constructed out of wood and painted with gold accents on the “5”s. Value: $100


Citizen is a global mobile innovation firm based in Portland, Oregon. We’re pushing mobile forward by shaping the evolution of the connected user experience.

Birdhouse #1: Peep Show uses a microphone to detect sounds that trigger light shows on LED panels covering the birdhouse. Warning: birds may either be frightened or enamored. Value: $400

Birdhouse #2: 24-Hour Party Peeps uses an Arduino-run motion sensor to trigger bird calls from around the world. Made from a nest of old cords, this birdhouse is the merger of the technological and natural. Value: $300

Clutched Key Collective

We’re a small collective of women designers, writers, and marketing strategists that help brands communicate authentically with their female customer. We all love the outdoors and our access to them in Portland. We’re definitely known to play hookie for a powder day or a sunny break in the rain.

Birdhouse: Our goal was to make something out of the parts provided. We started by creating functional spaces for day and night use. The third more abstract space sits above the house within the negative space of the hanging harness. Value: $100

Dave Selden

Dave Selden is a Portland, Oregon-based designer and creator of the “33” series of pocket-sized tasting notebooks. He’s an avid runner, woodworker and beer geek in his spare time, which is fleeting these days, thanks to the recent arrival of his second child. He hails from the great state of Iowa and smokes his own bacon, two facts which may or may not be related.

Birdhouse: When the (turned, hand-carved and gouache-painted) pie is opened, the birds begin to sing (a sultry, smoky hit from the turn of the century, recreated in 18 notes by the Sankyo corporation). What a dainty (Basswood and Alaskan Yellow Cedar) dish to set before a king. Value: $200

Design Vessel—Mark Soasey + Eric Delph

Design Vessel Construction LLC is a small Design/Build operation specializing in custom remodels, yard transformations and furniture design—constantly in pursuit of opportunities that test their skills and inspire their work.

Birdhouse #1: ”Synthesis House”. The combination of ideas to form a theory or system. This house comprised of a metal lattice house structure with attached planter box, utilizes the combination of a man-made feature with an element of nature, a vine plant, that merge together to create the final functioning home. Value $ 450

Birdhouse #2: The enclosing boundary of a curved geometric figure. This house, a triptych design, explores not only a system of attachment that responds to the natural shape of a tree trunk, but also through a non-invasive series of springs to affix the structure, allows for a continuing adoption of shape as the tree grows and expands. Value: $ 650

Dominic DeVenuta

Dominic De Venuta is the foremost expert in the field of mixed ideology. He has dedicate about one eighth of his time to contextualizing the inner sanctity of the studio practice known as pencil sharpening. For best results let sit in sun for 1 to 2 days then shake vigorously.

Birdhouse: Upcycling old skateboards, Dominic kept things simple and timeless with his approach to the tradition of birdhouse crafting. While constructing this house, a conscious decision was made to not incorporate any parts or features that are not found on a skateboard. Value: $200

Emily Katz + Adam Porterfield

Adam: “Emily Katz is a singer songwriter, Quarter Horse whisperer, moondancer, and maker of magic.”

Emily: “hahahah, Adam has a really good sense of humor and is good with his hands.”

Birdhouse: An exercise in ENFP. Made from the reclaimed lathe of the couple’s 1906 home, a re-envisioned birdhouse with an open floor plan, perfect for entertaining your field guides, Audubon pamphlets, and binoculars. Value: $250


Rory Sparks and Emily Squires print and work out of EmSpace Book Arts Center, an open-access letterpress and bookbinding studio in Portland, where artists have access to space & equipment on a membership basis.

Birdhouse: “Typeflock:. Letterpress printed wood type from the Hamilton Wood Type Museum collection. Value: $150

Eric Reigert

Eric Reigert is a designer and illustrator with strong passion for innovation and technology. He also claims he can eat a whole pie in one sitting.

Birdhouse: Inspired by all the warm summer days filled with frozen treats. This chilled delicacy is sure to keep any birdie warm during the cold Portland winters. Vegan and Gluten-free. Value$150

Factory North

Factory North is a full experience branding studio here in the industrial SE neighborhood of Portland, Ore. From helping small business concepts to organizing our annual charity event, Art Takeover; at the end of the day we are just great problem solvers that truly love what we do.

Team: Tyler Segel - Creative, Nicole Sakai - Operations

Birdhouse: Our one-of-a-kind “Owl Totem” birdhouse is digital printed plywood with a polyurethane coating and was made to hang. It was designed, assembled + finished by Tyler. He really hopes that it will provide a home for actual birds. Value: $200

Gravitate Design

We are a design and digital marketing agency in Vancouver, WA.

Birdhouse: We wanted to incorporate humor into our birdhouse. The idea of luring the bird into a ridiculous situation was something was explored. Playing on the nostalgia of the 80s we came up with the Duck Hunt, and to trick the bird into entering and become part of the game. And so was born… The NESt! Value: $200

Greater Than Four

Hannah Amis, Sam Amis, Maria Lalli and Amin Zahiry are Greater Than Four, a collective of designers exploring a range of media free of constraints. Our studio consists of rock, paper, scissors, wood, fabric and cookies. We hail from the West and the Midwest, with backgrounds in industrial design from the University of Cincinnati and graphic design from Art Center in Pasadena. We believe in learning through making and that making makes one Greater Than.

Birdhouse: ”Cloud” (white marble, nylon cord, copper) Strata of water-jet cut marble create a structure that is simultaneously permanent and ethereal. Value: $300

Joe Mansfield / Grove

Joe is a native Oregonian with a curious obsession with lasers, magnets, and natural materials. He co-founded Grove, maker of bamboo apple accessories, with the goal of humanizing technology and putting art into pockets.

Birdhouse: “Aerie”. Made from 19 layers of acrylic, this house is perfect for the exhibitionist bird. The translucent mass takes on the colors of its surroundings and blends into the branches. Value: $250

Halle Cisco

Illustrator, designer and educator. I prefer working with pen and ink, letterpress and screen printing but also use the computer to add color and words to my drawings. I like drawing animals, objects and random people.

Birdhouse: ”Fishing Shack” For some reason I am drawn to the sea. Many of my projects include boats, sea creatures and underwater adventures. I love how worn and colorful buoys are and wanted to create a home for them to hang on. I thought some birds might enjoy them too. Value: $125

Henry Gibson

Henry Gibson is a Creator / Destroyer based in skateboarding, camping, bands, vans, repurposing and flying by the seat of his pants. He is unable to attend the event because he’s out on tour with his band, The We Shared Milk, but wishes he was there.

Birdhouse: This “Bird Camp” can be used inside or outside, or as something completely different. It is built for the bird that wants to get out of town for a couple weeks and reflect. Value: $200


HERENOW Creative Network is a dynamic team of artists, designers and project managers. We’ve been helping our clients create and execute meaningful brand experiences for over a decade.

Birdhouse#1 Eight-sided elongated wood diamond with black drawings on each panel. Value: $150

Team: Robert Hribernick, Jessica Jones, Trevor Karnofski, Zach Minard, Bryan Morgan, Peter Stevens, Corey Thompson

Birdhouse #2: Laser-etched gold cube rotated 45º, with blue acrylic front and back and a red dowel perch. Value: $150

Team: Natalie Bohm, Sean Stackhouse, Keith Warner, Mike Welch

Evan Wilcox-Birdhouse #3: Eight-sided fat diamond with a mottled texture. Value: $150

Derek Salemme-Birdhouse #4 Eight-sided latticework diamond with gold wire. Value: $150

Keith Warner-Birdhouse #5: ”Seed & Beak” Value: $150

HUB Collective

HUB Collective is a small design studio that specializes in brand cohesion. We are an agile team of experts skilled in the application of brand design language.

Team members: Zack Custer, Ashley Pieren, Verelle Stuck, Colleen Fulford, and Brittany Albertson

Birdhouse #1: ”Rockin’ Robin”—Sleek, minimal and modern. On the outside, our birdhouse appears to be simple and beautiful. But you will be pleasantly surprised to find that our birdhouse is equipped with Bluetooth speakers to play all of your favorite music. Value: $200

Birdhouse #2: ”Rosenplantz + Guildenfern”— Made from African Wenge, This house will instantly liven up your living space while providing one to a little birdie. Bringing the environment inside, this house features a succulent garden, and hooks to hang your keys/coats or dog leash. Value: $200

Brian Madden + Kelso Davis

Brian Madden is an industrial designer at IDL Worldwide and Kelso Davis is a Brand Designer at Cinco. They like to design stuff together.

Birdhouse: “That’s All Folks!” This birdhouse is a throwback to the cartoons we watched growing up. All it’s missing is a tweety bird! Value: 400 buckaroos


Industry is a multi-disciplinary team of experts based in Portland, Oregon. Drawing from our many years of experience working with companies large and small, we have developed a unique set of skills that allows us to quickly translate abstract strategy into tangible design. We are a collective of creators, designers, thinkers, and makers.

Birdhouse: ”SORU”, meaning to change and evolve, is meant to be a modernist statement as well as a distinctly contemporary object. Our challenge with this effort was to push the boundaries in technology and craft and integrate the birdhouse kit into a cohesive design. Value: $800

Jennifer Reynolds

I am a freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator. When I am not at one of Portland’s parks, you can find me in my studio creating custom maps and fun kid’s illustrations.

Birdhouse: This birdhouse was inspired by Swedish Stugas and Swiss Chalets, European folk art and my love of pattern design. I hope some bird makes this house it’s happy home. Value: $150

Jessica Swift

Jessica Swift is a full-time artist, surface pattern designer, and author in Portland, OR. Her magically uplifting and colorful artwork is licensed by companies and manufacturers for iPhone cases, fabric, stationery, and much more.

Birdhouse: The birds in my paintings often wear crowns—Since my birdhouse is painted much like one of my paintings, I thought it would be fun to somehow include my little crown signature, but with a real-life bird! The birds will wear a crown each time they poke their tiny heads through the little round door. Adorable! Value: $175

Jon James Staton + Alexandria Cummings

Alexandria M. Cummings: Clay slinger, horse jumper, pro rabble rouser and Studio Assistant for The Official Manufacturing Company.

Jon James Staton: Gentleman, sportsman, craftsman and Fabrication Lead and Shop Manager for Orange Design + Construct.

Birdhouse: A simple contemporary aviary development adorned with fun brightly colored cord, oh snap. Materials: earthenware; black walnut and alder; fun brightly colored cord. Value: $250

Jon MacNair

Jon MacNair is freelance illustrator and gallery artist known mainly for his monochromatic ink drawings. He resides in Portland, Oregon, dividing his time between client work and gallery exhibitions.

Birdhouse: My birdhouse is an attempt to transform my illustrative drawings into a three-dimensional object. I wanted to create a sense of dark mystery within the house, using paper and ink—my main tools of the trade. Value: $350

Keith Carter

Keith was born in 1978 in Tacoma, WA. He went to Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. He received his BA in Fine Art. He later went to Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. He currently lives in Portland, OR. He is a co-owner of the Pony Club Gallery. He spends most of his time painting pictures of animals and people.

Birdhouse: I wanted to create a hidden fortress for the birds, camouflaged within the leaves. My Birdhouse is titled “Long Live The Queen”, and it’s painted with Acrylic. Value: $200

Kimi Kaplowitz

Kimi is a multidisciplinary artist based in Portland. She currently works as a puppet lead at Bent Image Lab.

Birdhouse: ”Rubber Chicken”.This birdhouse is fabricated out of silicone, plastic and found natural materials. I thought it would be humorous to make a house for a bird out of a bird. Value: $100


LAIKA is an animation studio that produces features and shorts. From scratch. We handcraft and transform everyday materials into living creatures infused with dimension and soul.

Birdhouse #1: “A little bird told me”. “Coming from the depths of my closet I heard a chirp… Materials: real buffalo fur and pig skin.” By: Heather AndersonValue: $100

Birdhouse #2: ”Olde CrowsNest”. “What if Jack Sparrow was actually a small bird? Maybe he would have lived in a house like this. By: Kyle Bell, veteran stop-motion animator, professional pirate. Value: $100

Birdhouse #3: ”Birdlejuice”. The colors in the movie Beetlejuice are so striking and fun that I thought it would be fun to use as inspiration for my birdhouse. My favorite part was designing the bird to look like Beetlejuice. And now I have to say Beetlejuice one more time since I already said it twice! By: Cammi Upton Value: $100

Birdhouse #4: ”Under the Dome”. This birdhouse represents everybody’s first home and the courage it takes to move on into the world. By: Tony Travis Value: $300

Birdhouse #5: ”Burnt House”. By: Niles Snyder Value $100

Birdhouse #6: ”A.T. - B.T.” (Jabbs Yaga’s Hut) Made from materials in the LAIKA wood recycling bin. By: George Willis Value: $100

Birdhouse #7: ”Cherry Street Inn”. Bill Murray inspires my whole life and my heart. By: Maria Andreotti Value: $100

Birdhouse #8: ”Frank Lloyd Wrong”. Falling house meets textile block head. Materials: MDF board, poly-urethane castings, cyanoacrylate glue and acrylic paints on exotic hardwood base.

Note on fabrication: Main square textile block pattern printed with rapid-prototype plastic from computer file. Original file then altered in Rhino 4 and also printed. All were then molded and cast for the final design. By: Michael Possert Jr. Value: $300

Birdhouse #9:"Don’t Feed The Birds".By:Danny Samuels Value $150

Birdhouse #10: ”Final Roosting Place”.By: Katie Mello + Margaret Meyer Value: $200

Leo Zarosinski

Leo Zarosinski likes nice people, things that are awesome and high-fives. He is a native Portlander.

Birdhouse: Birds are resourceful, and sometimes make homes in very unexpected places. Value: $300

Lisa Hildebrant

At the age of 15, Lisa studied Fine Art, with an emphasis on painting, at the New School for the Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona. After receiving her BFA from Tufts University in 2004, Lisa focused on glass and interior lighting design in Los Angeles. Lisa has since come full circle, and is once again a prolific painter. Her Little Animals© series has gained international attention as well as her commercial paintings and illustrations.

Birdhouse: “Canary in a Goldmine”—The title was inspired by The Police. I heard the song and thought viola! Like miner’s canaries which would warn workers of coming danger- I believe that this is what Put A Bird In It and it’s participants are symbolically. We are sensitive to the notion that schools with out art education can be/will be an unfulfilling life for our youth, and it is paramount to make changes as a community. Value: $600

Matt Graff

Matt Graff is an art director currently working at adidas. He has previously worked at Sasquatch, W+K, and Leopold Ketel. He also keeps bees.

Birdhouse: Cold-Blooded Birdhouse: I haven’t carved into a piece of solid wood since my 4th grade Pinewood Derby. What better time than now? I got a chunk of an evergreen branch and went to town. The chisel, sander, and dremel helped bring out the reptile within. Pop open the lid to see the nest. Value: $250

MC Laser Labs

MC Laser Labs is comprised of Marshall Tipton and Chester Lindgren and a handful of other skilled creatives specializing in laser cutting and engraving as well as custom fabrication with acute attention to detail. MC Laser Labs is located in the Immaculate Order of Makers at 521 NE Davis St. Stop by and say hi.

Birdhouse: “Wood Drop”. How much wood could a wood drop drop if a wood drop could drop wood? We have no clue. Value: approximately Eleventy Hundred Dollars.

Molly Kennedy-Darling

Molly Kennedy-Darling is a graphic designer currently working at Figure 8 Creative. She has previously worked at W+K, Big-Giant, and Liquid. Her dog’s name is Onion.

Birdhouse: B is for Birdhouse. This lovely duplex is a testament to modern urban living. Brightly colored exterior. Spacious interior. Would look as great on a mantle or hung from a tree. Value $250

Morgaine Faye

Morgaine Faye is a Bay Area transplant who graduated from PNCA in 2011. She has shown both locally and internationally. With a penchant for the bizarre and creepy, she works as a freelance illustrator, puppet-maker, and jewelry designer in South East, Portland.

Birdhouse: The inspiration for this house was equal parts “satanic bird cult,” “haunted out-house,” and Baba Yaga’s legendary walking shack. Materials: Wood, paper, brass, epoxy-resin, pheasant skin, rabbit fur, aluminum wire, arches hot-press paper,ink, gouache, polyurethane, quartz crystal, glue. Value: $500

NEMO–Eugene Good

Eugene is Portland based creative, by the way of Denver and Chicago. Working as a lead designer at Nemo by trade, artist by choice and wood shaper by night using a multitude of mediums and found canvases.

Birdhouse: I want to keep it this design sunny side up and in relation to Portland. This city is obviously full of big bushy beards, so I started with a sketch, a skateboard deck, and a beard— this is where it landed. Value $400

Nicole Bittner + Zach Yarrington

Zach Yarrington is an artist and member of Band, a local design duo. Nicole Bittner is a printmaker and an independent Portland designer. Their shared love of classic signage and custom typography brought them together as birdhouse building partners.

Birdhouse: Inspired by The Mint, a classic hotel and casino from Las Vegas long past. Value: $500

Paul Anders

I have worked as a professional designer in Portland for over 19 years. I have spent the last 5 years as a freelance motion graphics designer. I have been drawing and painting and creating for as long as I can remember. I am honored to be in the company of such amazing artists.

Birdhouse: For my birdhouse I did a style that I have wanted to do for awhile—Creating sculptural paintings that play with a viewer’s perception of depth through use of color and layers. Thankfully this opportunity has motivated me to get off my ass and to grow in this new direction. Value: $550 doll hairs

Phillip Stewart & Robb Off

Rob Off and Phillip Stewart are friends that love each others work and love working together whenever they can. Rob’s work explores the realms of interactive installations that defy simple explanations with the honesty of a saint. Phillip’s work takes a knuckleball’s approach to problem solving that is executed in mediums from print and object making to digitally interactive experiences in the mobile realm. Realizing that they’re duo wasn’t enough, they brought in the outrageously talented Anna Petry of Tanner Goods to pinch hit in some areas of the birdhouse construction and overall aesthetic.

Birdhouse: Inspired by Tom Cruise post-apocalyptic movies, 19th century socialist prison architecture, terrariums, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1970’s soap operas, happy hours, and really bad jokes. Value: $300

Pinnacle Exhibits

Pinnacle Exhibits is a 3D brand agency. We design, build, and manage environments for marketing, sales, education, and interaction.

Birdhouse #1: Triangular Birdhouse— Inspired by a pup tent, but made of metal so squirrels and raccoons can’t break in. Materials - white powder coated steel and walnut hardwood, with top air vents, drainage slats, and a removable base for seasonal cleaning between bird families. Value: $222

Team: Sarah Tisdale – senior industrial designer - “I like turtles”, Joe Rosch (lead builder) and Mike Butto (project manager).

Birdhouse #2: Casa Shovela. I have always enjoyed repurposing things and developing the unexpected from the expected. That’s what brought me to the “Casa Shovela” concept. Go out back pick your favorite raised garden bed and dig into some earth right next to your kale. Value: $300

Haller McCrory was trained in industrial design at the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn. His work experience spans positions in interiors/casework, product development and design, POP, tradeshow and brand design. Haller recently relocated from LA to Portland. He’s a surfer currently, but we’re pretty sure the arctic currents of the Oregon coast will cure him of that. Oh well, at least he can still ride a bike if he buys fenders.

Print Graphics

PrintGraphics, a commercial printer located in Beaverton at the same location for 30 years. Charlie McDonald, owner of PrintGraphics, built the birdhouse and Patsy Turner, sales rep, added the decorative touches.

Birdhouse: Our theme was a bird get-away, so it is a beach retreat complete with wading pool (can also be used as a water dish as paint is on the outside of container) , life preserver and tropical palm tree. Value: $100

Rory Phillips

Rory Phillips is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker. In his spare time he is the seer of the bird song and protector of its secret.

Birdhouse: The birds remember, their songs call His name. Knowledge? Justice? Only the initiated may truly understand. Value: $250

Ryan Bubnis

Ryan Bubnis is a multidisciplinary illustrator, artist and educator. Bubnis’ work has been described as “urban folk.”

Birdhouse: ”GOOD TIMES / GOOD VIBES”. The theme of my birdhouse is good times and good vibes. I wanted to create a “chill” space or environment that birds would wanna hang out in. I also wanted to make sure it didn’t look like a sex toy. Materials: Acrylic & Ink on Handmade Papier Mâché sculpture Value: $300

Santiago Uceda

Santiago Uceda is an interactive art director, illustrator and motion graphics artist. He has worked with many talented folks and institutions from global brands to non-profits, magazines, bands, and private commissions. His work has been recognized by American Illustration, Latin American Illustración & International Motion Arts Awards.

Birdhouse: I really like what I did for the WeMake poster (the Viking mask) so I thought it would be fun to create a birdhouse using a similar design. Value: $400

Sean Garrison

Sean is a designer and illustrator who likes bright colors, vectors, retro stuff, new stuff, minimalism, Pinterest and house plants.

Birdhouse: The “Missing Bird” birdhouse is hand-painted and constructed out of birch plywood. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Brillo boxes, this birdhouse is the ideal dwelling for urban birds and is within walking distance to coffee shops, restaurants, and parks! Value: $150

Second Story

Second Story is an innovation center pioneering new interactive experiences. We push the boundaries of storytelling for brands and institutions across digital channels—web, mobile, and installations—empowering audiences to connect and share.

Birdhouse: Second Story’s “Vogelkammer”, literally “bird room” in German, was inspired by the form and function of a cabinet of curiosities, a precursor to museums that contained an assortment of objects and specimens intended to inspire wonder.

Team: Laura Allcorn, Nora Bauman, Heather Daniel, Joe Carolino, Sam Jeibmann, Norman Lau, Sorob Louie, Swanny Mouton, Dimitrii Pokrovskii, Donald Richardson, Kirsten Southwell, Filippo Spiezia. Value: $200


We are creatives, filmmakers, editors, project managers and happy client-makers. A family of tinkerers and dreamers, united in creating work that makes everyone look good.

Birdhouse: The Dirty Bird—A tribute birdhouse to the seedy underbelly of Portland. The Dirty Bird is your local dive bar and strip club in one, nestled in the marsh and occupying an abandoned duck butt you’ll find everything here; air conditinin’, mid-day specialz, .69 cent SirLoin and Wifi at just 1.99/min. Enjoy your stay!

The Makers: Maria Janosko, Julian Gese, Cary Watts & the Sockeye Family. Value: $200


Spoke is a full-service branding & design studio that’s small in size and big in impact. Senior designer/design educator Aaron Zurcher created this years entry pulling from his background in design engineering.

Birdhouse: As a studio that spends a great deal of time branding multi-family housing, we wanted to create a home that was modeled after a birds natural home — their nest. Exploration of the similarity between the spoke, our conceptual background, and a birds nest led us to our final result. Using almost entirely parts from bicycle wheels, we created a nesting space space that a bird can build in, and truly call their own. Value: $200

Tanner Goods

At Tanner Goods, process is the soul of our work. Our passion lies in the design and creation of modern products that respect the past. Since 2006, we’ve been dedicated to the craft of producing products here in Portland that are “Worth Holding Onto.” Break them in. Wear them well. Pass them on.

Mazama is group of friends with a knack for getting our hands dirty and making things that get used. We share an affinity for thoughtful design and well crafted objects. And we love to drink. So earlier this year we rallied our crew to start a new venture here in this liquid city that we call home, focused on designing and manufacturing ceramic vessels worthy of our favorite drinks. We’re only weeks away from launching our first collection, so keep bookmarked and stay tuned for more to come.

Birdhouse: "The Sanctuary". Designed and constructed by Sam Huff and Paige Wright. Value: $400


Terrazign Inc. a design studio that specializes in technical soft-goods and astronaut running gear.

Birdhouse: We have been to the moon and we are going to mars, this little bird house is a home for avian astronauts. Likely, they will face harsh conditions on planets without trees. No matter, anti micrometeoroid fabric* will provide shelter from star dust storms. A collapsible easy pack exoskeleton allows them to set up shop quickly, kick back on their perch, look fondly towards earth and give us a thumbs up.

*Ortho fabric. Yes you are right the real stuff, on orbit, up there now. Godspeed.

Crew members: Commander: Bill Dieter„ Command Module Pilot: Simon Quay, Lunar Module Engineer: Spencer T Birdhouser, Command Module Seam Engineer 1: Adrienne Lacavaro, Lunar Cruise Director: Susanna Hohmann Value: $1,200

The Good Mod

The good mod buys, sells and restores midcentury modern furniture. We also have a custom fabrication studio in which we work with architecture firms, artists, and creators in the community. Come say hi and let us give you the tour!

Birdhouse: This birdhouse was a collaborative effort by TGM design dept. Matt Ryan, Ashton ford, Ana Mikolavich , Simon yuen, Robert Johnson and Spencer Staley. Made of brass and acrylic rods. Held together by gravity and opposing forces. Value: $150

Thomas Adock

Thomas Adcock is a Visual Designer based in the Portland area. Thomas believes every project has a soul and a story to tell.

Birdhouse: ”A sanctuary. Light in the darkness, shadows in the forest—life is fostered.” Value: $350


Adrienne Allaert and Chad Mangers are designers at Vizwerks. Both enjoy pushing the limits of the design realm and share a passion for rock climbing.

Birdhouse: Mixing Stephen King with Alfred Hitchcock to create “Red Rum Ranch House”. A prototypical track house for a murder of crows. Value: 25 to life

Watson Creative

Watson Creative is a design-led marketing firm with considerable work in Professional Sports.

Birdhouse: The Locker— It’s only fitting that our birdhouse is an Athletic Locker for the birds to play ball. It is constructed from Alder with Cherry wood legs and trim, and a Walnut door accent. Crack it open and you’ll find a grassy field, a goal post “perch” and some tasty refreshments. Complete with paper footballs.

Team: Matt Watson, Jeremy Backer, Mykal Murphree, Nick & Alan Benson, KD McNally, Marta Mila, Beth Karper, Dave Sjolin & Anthony Armendariz. Value $465


WK 12 is a experimental advertising agency masquerading as an experimental advertising school deep within the walls of Wieden+Kennedy. Founded in 2004, the program brings together about a dozen individuals from all walks of life for 12 months of creative thinking, making and, of course, failing harder.

Team 2.9: Anna Zusman (Portland, OR), Nick Stokes (Portland, OR), Nick Finney (Los Angeles, CA), Delia Reyes (Santiago, Chile), Kate Digilio (New York, NY), Wayne Kasserman (New York, NY), Todd Saucier (Portland, OR), Ansel Wallenfang (Minneapolis, MN), Eric Swanson (Los Alamitos, CA), Brad Holdgrafer (San Luis Obispo, CA), Francesca Chabrier (Northampton, MA), Michael Nesmith (Chicago, IL), Vince Largoza (San Diego, CA).

Secret Reveal! See this bad boy at the show!

Birdhouse: There are more strip clubs per capita in Portland than any city in America. A dubious distinction? Perhaps. But its newest club, the DIRTY BIRD, touts itself as the world’s first TIT (Paridae Family) bar. Described as the “one most conservative avian families in terms of general morphology”, this club is anything but modest . If you’ve got wings, you get in free. All others, pay the $3 cover charge.

Value: $250 one dollar bills

Yellena & Andrew James

Yellena James is an artist/illustrator who lives and works in Portland. Preferring pens and inks she combines complex abstract forms into dazzling images which take on lives of their own. Her colorful arrangements of organic shapes and tangled lines are at once floral and alien, organic and sci-fi. Each intimate world she creates seems to posses its own ethos and its own special ability to radiate emotion.

Birdhouse: A collaboration between Yellena and her husband Andrew, a musician/’maker of many things’. Made from birch, then utilizing a wood-burning tool for the first time, Yellena added her illustrations. This project inspired them to start making more wood objects in the future. Value: $400


Hope to see you there!

- When: Saturday, October 12, 2013 we’re closing off Design Week Portland

- Where: Sandbox Studio, 420 NE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97232

- Time: 7:30-11:30pm

- Cost: FREE

NOTE: Starting bids will be $40-$50 with $10 bid increments. The value listed is what the makers place on time, material and worth.

- Official event page