Student Spotlight - Meet Clara Dudley

WeMake loves to showcase and support the future of the arts in our Student Spotlight Series. I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Clara Dudley, an imaginative designer at PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art) with a love for color, screen printing and her pet boas. Clara's not afraid to get wild with her whimsical characters and it's impossible not to smile while in their company.

Clara! Put the snake down and tell us about yourself.
I'm from SE Portland and also currently live in SW Portland with my three pet snakes. My favorites medium is silkscreen. I love the look and feel of it, and how it is both hand made and mass-produced. Most of my screen prints were designed in Adobe Illustrator. I also love designing posters, logos and motifs in Adobe Illustrator.

How did you find the medium that best worked for you? What was that process of discovery like?
I took a screen printing class on a whim and fell in love with the process. In the beginning I made my silkscreen stencils out of rubylith or tinted mylar, but didn't like that I couldn't micromanage certain things. Then I started making stencils in Adobe Illustrator, which gave me the freedom to knit-pick as much as I wanted. It's a really nice blend of illustration and printmaking.

Tiger and Python - three color silkscreen

Tiger and Python - three color silkscreen

What were some of your early influences to pursue an education in the arts? Did you always want to be an artist when you were a child?
One of my first influences was cartoons. I grew up knowing that animators made a lot of money, and therefore a career in either art or design could be a practical option for me. I was really bad at most of my classes in high school, but really liked art. I was hesitant to pursue a career in illustration at first, but ultimately made the right choice.

Outside of your art—what feeds your imagination and soul, and brings you joy?
i love to go antiquing! Objects from another time or place bring me a lot of inspiration. Curating my collection of knickknacks brings me a lot of joy. I also love biology! I love learning about animals and spending time with my snakes. I have two Kenyan sand boas (Boo and Pearl) and an Arabian sand boa (Moby).

Pompadour - Digital

Pompadour - Digital

One of our themes for this year is "perseverance". As an artist, what does this mean to you?
I always aim to create an image that lasts in the viewer's mind. An image that "perseveres" despite all the other visual stimuli the viewer sees.

How do you hope your personal expression will reach others, through your art?
My work is about playfulness and having fun. I want my art to make people feel good!

Great to meet you Clara! We wish you all the best!

To see more of Clara's work, visit her website at
IG: @sClaramonstera