The greatest marks are built as good as the look. Solid, logical, geometry, and precise math and spacing.
— Draplin
Goodies from the workshop

Goodies from the workshop

A DDC Workshop

Last month we had the pleasure to host a local favorite, Aaron Draplin . If you have ever had the opportunity to hear Aaron speak, you know that he is full of inspiration and design knowledge. We got this in the workshop, and so much more. Aaron not only dropped insights, he also opened up his files to share, and created a special syllabus for each attendee. Needless to say, it was pretty epic.

The five hour workshop was filled with creative goodness. Attendees sketched, refined, and learned a few DDC tips & tricks including: keeping things live, dupe, revise, and repeat, and why documenting your thought process along the way is so important.

The best thing about the workshop was Aaron.

He's a kind man, full of character, and his passion for design radiates through in life-sized proportions. Aaron is also a quite natural at teaching, it was a great experience to learn from such a design icon.

We will be collaborating with Aaron in the future for another logo workshop. I guarantee you'll won't want to miss it!