The Art of Fly fishing— A Workshop with Eric Hillerns

Photo by: Clifton Burt

Photo by: Clifton Burt

The beautiful and meditative sport of fly fishing has captured our hearts at WeMake and we are so excited to be hosting a fly fishing and tying workshop with the seemingly omnipresent Eric Hillerns

During this 3-hour workshop, Hillerns will teach you the basic components of the cast, a little about the equipment and more about the life in and of the rivers he fishes and how the craft of making artificial flies defines more than the aquatic insects they aim to represent. 

Together, we will tie a true fly box staple—the classic Wooly Bugger (best read in a British accent). While simple to tie, this classic pattern is both a great lesson for first-timers and a timeless go-to fly for seasoned pros. The Wooly Bugger is a little bit of everything and nothing in particular; active hatching insect or forage fish. Yet its proven design charms nearly every brand of Oregon's favorite game fish — from brown and rainbow trout to carp, and it's been known to rouse many a healthy steelhead or salmon. 

Plan to get heads-down in front of your vice and tie a Wooly Bugger and receive fundamentals that makes casting a fly rod and fishing with flies the ideal confluence of art, design and science. Not only is Hillerns an avid fly angler, he has also spearheaded several design initiatives, from Designspeaks with Ace Hotel, AIGA and The Long Table, to Design Week Portland. When he’s not on one of the great rivers of the Pacific Northwest, Hillerns is the senior brand strategist at OVO and a part-time river guide and host with Holm, his personal project dedicated to designing product, content and experience. 

Date: Saturday, March 5th
Place: Tillamook Station
Cost: $40
All Materials included. Continental breakfast and snacks provided!