RECAP: Rilla Alexander, Character Workshop


Rilla Alexander is a joy to know, and her artwork will have you clapping your hands in envy every time you see it. She's got a style all her own too— from the striped shirts (and occasional dots), to those sweet spectacles, and the color red. It's her color, and she rocks it. Style is not the only attrribute of Rilla's work , the craft and care she takes to create her illustrations and typography by hand, with such detail reminds me of vintage storybooks once treasured, long before computers.

Rilla is a story teller, a believer in big ideas, and simple solutions. Her alter ego, Souzi often takes you through journeys of discovering and along the way worlds are created and adventures are made. As a collector of children's books, her books are one's I'm happy to include in my library.

It was such a real treat to have Rilla for 4 hours recently in the Character Design workshop. Attendees got a chance to view process work up close and go through a series of excersises to create their own character. She posed for us and we made faces in our rock star mirrors. There was lots of drawing, and modeling, and playing with clay. It was a great day and one class we would love to host again. 

Thank you again to Scout Books and Rilla for the fun sketchbooks!

Photos taken by Lea Loo, see more here!