Student Spotlight — Alysa Phan


I am so excited to share this new Student Spotlight with you.

Meet Alysa Phan. She's a stellar illustrator, majoring in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from Oregon State University this Spring, with an impressive CV and an extensive body of work. She's been taking part in exhibitions since 2009, and doing student design internships since 2012. She's one busy lady!

I met Alysa last year, while presenting her work at the OSU Graphic Design Senior Show, and I was extremely impressed with her work, and warm personality. It was great to see her submission to us to be featured, and I'm so excited you all get to see her beautiful work.

From her stunning screen-print series based on Japanese proverbs and sayings her mom taught her, to the clever and charming  STI Prevention posters, and the Student Experience Center guide, her eye for detail  comes through. The overall use of color, storytelling, and excellent illustration skills across her body of work are lovely. 

We wish you the best, Alysa! We look forward to seeing you up here in Portland after graduation.