RECAP—sXc with Ryan Bubnis

Our second sketchXchange guest for this year was the super fun Ryan Bubnis. We had a very entertaining evening learning more about his process and projects, trying out the adorable blue papier-mâché mask he brought along, and having everyone sketch in each other's books up until closing time.

Describing himself as an illustrator, educator and artist, among many other things, Ryan is above all someone who throughly enjoys his work. As he shared his thoughts on being open and vulnerable, and how scaring himself made him a stronger artist, I could tell that he lives and breathes the work. He talked about how being a teacher makes him also feel like a student himself—they keep him sharp and help him grow. He also reminded us to embrace those happy accidents that occur while in the middle of a project, letting them become part of the story and to have faith in the process.

"My number one goal is to inspire others to make work for themselves."

That was definitely what he did that night because folks stayed sketching in each other's books until closing time!

Check out the WeMake Flickr page for the full photo recap of the sketchXchange with Ryan.

Special thanks to Scoutbooks for partnering with us! We appreciate you so much!

Photography: Daniel Cole