Portland Assembly

The sense of community that exists in this city doesn’t exist anywhere else. I’ve done a lot of traveling and I just feel like it’s just such a special place and such a special feeling, and to be able to contribute to that in some way, I don’t take for granted at all.

Summer Killingsworth is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Union/Pine, an inspiring space for gathering in Southeast Portland. Recently she, and her partner Patrick Triato, have been working overtime on their new venture, Portland Assembly, which will be like Union/Pine, but more. More food (Olympic Provisions, and their new catering company Groundwork in-house), more beer (99 Oregonian beers in taps on the wall), more space (7000 sq ft, 25 ft ceilings), all of which means more freedom to create community, and support local artists. 

Supporting Portland artists has always been important to Summer and Patrick, and they're thrilled to be pulling so much local talent in the buildout (JuJu, Cedar & Moss, GKA Lighting, deform, Pattern People, Caravan Pacific, and Listed Lighting, to name a few.) This collaboration of talent is part of the meaning behind the name. The building itself sits at 618 SE Alder, under half a mile from Union/Pine. It was built in 1905 and in the 1940s was taken over by the Portland Police Athletic Association. For the most part, it has been unseen by the Portland public.

Summer and Patrick started Union/Pine in 2011 as a place for people to gather, host creative ventures, and showcase the community. They are thrilled with how much more of an impact they will be able to have with two spaces.

Portland Assembly is expected to be up and running in August. 

If we can have some small hand in making things the slightest bit stronger, and more connected, then we’re contributing in some way. Creating jobs. Creating community. The fact that people allow us to do these things is a huge honor. And then we get to feel really good about ourselves.