Gemma O'Brien Lettering Workshop


We were thrilled to have Gemma O'Brien in all the way from Australia as a keynote speaker and workshop instructor for the WeMake 2015 design conference earlier this month. Gemma is delightful. She's young, talented, and a pleasure to learn from. During her class attendees had a chance to browse through her original sketches and learn the ways of lettering from her process.


All attendees received a limited edition Scout Book, pens from Sakura, and all supplies needed to create various lettering techniques, including working directly with indian dye and balsa wood.

I really enjoyed how she included the students into the process of learning by having them put up their work on a wall together. With each practiced technique the wall got added to and in the end it looked like a work of art all on its own.

We look forward to having Gemma visit again, I think she may have fell for Portland just a little :)

See more photos here!