We are designers, writers, photographers, artists and makers.

WeMake runs year round with a committed team of unpaid volunteers. We're always happy to collaborate with others, including guest writers, photographers, stylists, and videographers. Drop us a line if you're interested! 

Yvonne Perez Emerson Founder / Creative Director, Writer  @yvonnepemerson

Yvonne Perez Emerson
Founder / Creative Director, Writer 

Cinnamon Williams, C.P.A. Treasurer @cinnwilliams

Cinnamon Williams, C.P.A.

Alyse Gilbert Photography @alysegilbert

Alyse Gilbert

Alise Munson President @alisem

Alise Munson

Megan Gex Writer & Workshops @gexington

Megan Gex
Writer & Workshops

Clay Walsh Vice-President @clay_walsh

Clay Walsh

Andrew Eastman Community Coordinator @andylegal

Andrew Eastman
Community Coordinator

Amy Frazer Secretary @amylfrazer

Amy Frazer

Christopher Murphy Student Outreach @digitalempire1

Christopher Murphy
Student Outreach